Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crestline Grade 1 - Room 12 - Fall 1968

Okay, folks. Help me identify my first grade class. And correct my misspellings. ~ Michael Rowley

Back row: (yellow shirt), Michael Rowley, (tie guy), (plain shirt), Angelo Bacera, Jon Richardson, Freddie Nagreti, Sammy ??, LeRoy ??, Mrs. Chambers.
Middle row: Bernadette ??, (lariat tie girl), Pam Munday??, Carla ??, (plaid girl), (green dress), (pastel dress), (white collar)
Front row: Pete Esquivel, (blonde kid), Teddy ??, Howard Shipman, (kid with glasses), Casius Harris, Steve Rodriguez, Leslie Smith, (V-neck sweater)

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