Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barstow's Famous: Judge LeRoy Simmons

JUDGE SIMMONS is at the bench, reviewing one last time, his decision and the documents. Finally, he looks up;

All right.

Everyone pays attention.

I have before me a cause of action onbehalf of the residents of Hinkley California who wish to file a lawsuit against Pacific Gas and Electric for damages, medical expenses, personal trauma due to the contamination of the groundwater in their area by said defendant. And I have here, a list of 84 demurs, submitted by the representatives of Pacific Gas and Electric, each one attacking and thereby rejecting the validity of these complaints. I have reviewed all the information carefully. I am ready to give my decision. Before I do, is there anything anyone wants to say?

Ed grabs Erin's hand under the table, preventing her from making a move. Erin submits.

No, your honor.

No, your honor.

Very well...In the case of the claimants of Hinkley California vs. Pacific Gas and Electric, it is the judgement of this court that each of the 84 demurs submitted by Pacific Gas and Electric be dismissed and the cause of action against Pacific Gas and Electric be upheld...

Erin can hardly maintain her excitement. Ed squeezes her hand harder. The PG&E people look sick.

...On a more personal note, as a resident here in Barstow, which is not far from Hinkley, I am...appalled that, not only was Hexavalent Chromium used, but your clients actually sent these residents pamphlets telling them it was good for them.

PG&E remain silent. The Judge stares at them, ending simply;

Tell your clients they're going to trial.

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