Sunday, December 20, 2009

A sad episode in Barstow history

During the late 60's, Barstow experienced a population growth. Previous to this, there was only one high school with the mascot being the Riffians. A second high school was built and opened in 1967, John F Kennedy High. They were the Spartans. A great cross town rivalry existed between the schools. In 1978, JFK was closed and the schools re-merged. The decision was made to retire the Riffian mascot and chose a new one for the merged Barstow High. The BHS Aztecs were born. Several years ago, a large amount of Riffian items were found at a nearby dump. Much was saved by locals and given to the Mojave River Valley Museum. They have set up a wonderful display of these items, plus some donated things. BTW, if you ever visit Barstow, go to the museum. It is packed with wonderful items in great displays. Barstow Steve just might be there to give you a tour. The staff are very well informed also. I had a great time visiting with Steve and Margaret.

Click on the picture to see an interesting discussion about the merger of the high schools and the naming of mascots.

Photo courtesy of Mojave Girl / Candis

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